Oct 04

Prayer is not a spectator sport.

When was the last time you prayed? When was the last time you prayed, not to receive something but, to know a deeper Truth, the absolute Truth of your life and world? Are you ready to allow your Spirituality to reflect your beliefs? Are you ready to accept all the GOOD the Universe has to offer you?

I can assure you that using Spiritual Mind Treatments, a form of affirmative prayer, can change your life and open you to the magnificence of GOD expressing as you. I know this Truth not by theory but because I have proven this through practical applications. You also have the power to prove the effectiveness of prayer in your life by simply practicing the principles and processes of affirmative prayer.

Are you watching as others pray?

As a minister, I am often asked to pray. I receive prayer requests from people on a daily basis. Many believe that I have a power to call forth an experience or a specific outcome. It seems as if they believe they are spectators and I am a performer. People ask that their loved ones may be healed. They ask for new jobs, increased financial flow, or to get a new job. People seem to think I have a direct line to the Divine. The Truth is I do have direct access to the Power that operates as all of life. The deeper truth is that everyone has that same access. I am no different from anyone else. I do not have special privileges or a VIP access card to reach GOD whenever I desire. Each one of us has the ability and thus the power to pray in such a way as to affirm the Truth of our individual life.

Affirmative prayer is a participatory sport, an art form, and a system of using the mental power inherent within our consciousness.  Every time you choose to know there is a deeper Truth of your life than what you see or experience in the world of appearances you are participating in the Universal Principles of Life. Allowing ourselves to feel something other than victimized or powerless actually calls forth an experience of the power within. Turning away from the conditions of our lives and leaning into the presence of Spirit in every moment allows us to call into our lives an experience of Divine ONENESS.

Prayer must be Alive and Real within the heart of the one asking for prayer. If all we do is send a message, make a call, or sit silently waiting for some unseen force that resides outside ourselves to fulfill our every desire we may have a very long wait. If however, we choose to stand in the consciousness of KNOWING our every desire as a Divine idea in the Mind of GOD, we shall experience GOD operating AS our very lives. It has been said that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. I believe this is true when we know and affirm that the kingdom of GOD is our own individualized consciousness. We have the power to claim how we respond to the experiences of our lives and thus we are actually choosing what we shall experience.

Thus, the call for you this day is whether you will participate in the activity of prayer. Will you take a stand for yourself and step into the consciousness of absolute perfection? Knowing your life is a complete and perfect expression of GOD…just as it is? Will you choose to activate an inner resource that is unlimited in its nature that empowers your belief in something beyond yourself and yet never separate from you? Will you get up off the bench and get in the game? Will you take a step in learning how to speak and write an affirmative prayer for yourself?

AHA!Education is based on prayer and we offer a weekly Prayer Sangha where you can experience the power of affirmative prayer and listen as others share how prayer is serving their conscious evolution as well.

Every Sunday evening, a group of committed individuals comes together to support each other through the power of affirmative prayer. You need no special training or classes, simply bring an open mind and a healthy desire to experience more from your life. One of our Licensed Ministers or Practitioners will pray, not for you, but with you. You might experience the powerful effects of opening your heart to something that can only be called GOD. You might even experience a profound healing of your consciousness, or possibly a change of your beliefs. No matter what you experience, what I know is a Higher Power shall serve you as you open to a deeper experience of affirmative prayer.

Learn more about our Sunday Evening Prayer Sangha HERE.




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