Aug 31

Are Online Communities Serving Your Growth?

Is there room for another internet community?  The internet has destroyed our sense of community. How has the internet changed the way we experience community?  All of these thoughts are valid questions and perspectives. I would like to share a different view of on-line community, a perspective that provides room to grow and evolve as humans and as spiritual beings.

Yes, Facebook , Twitter and now Pinterest all provide ways of experiencing community on-line and they are all rather voyeuristic in my opinion. We experience a revolving slideshow or stream of information and can choose what we look at or which pieces we choose to comment upon.  The wave of information never ends and in the rush to consume everything available we can often lose the sense that a person is behind that latest photo or quote. I often laugh when I meet a Facebook friend face to face. Those face to face conversations are actually much more in depth and rich because we have a perspective of each other based on what we share through Facebook and other social media sites. However I also notice that the term most commonly used to describe such on-line communities is “social media” sites.  Who gets to be social on these sites, the people or the media? Perhaps I’m splitting hairs here and yet we see so much media propoganda I have to remember to take time and discover who the person behind the photo is and how not judge them by what they share.

The big names, the household names in social media are actually a small percentage of real on-line communities available today. I have found so many small niche based communities, which I find interesting, that I simply do not have enough time to stay engaged with all these communities. I have chosen to let go of many of these communities and thus focus on those aspects of life and living that most interest me and more importantly allow me to be truly engaged with people that think and see the world as I do.

Now it is no secret that I am a Religious Science minister and thus gravitate towards spiritual based communities. AHA!Education is one such community. As a completely virtual community AHA!Education is boldly building a community of people that wish to experience life from a centered and grounded perspective of spiritual living. This expanding spiritual community is providing many opportunities for people to explore their own spiritual beliefs and learn more about the Science of Mind and Spirit.

I have been teaching this philosophy for many years now and teaching on-line for several of those years. The opportunity to facilitate the exploration of these Universal Spiritual Principles is a great honor. The ability to do so across the county and in fact across the planet without leaving the comforts of my home office is amazing. During the last several years, I have found a true community growing and evolving around these teachings. What began as a small yet dedicated group of people teaching specific credential courses that use chat rooms and mailed audio tapes (much like the old school correspondence schools) has blossomed into a media rich VoIP platform where students and educators interact and engage in truly meaningful ways.

During the last several years I have had the pleasure of serving many spiritual communities. I have found that those that find their spiritual education, their self-empowerment courses through online avenues are just as committed to their spiritual growth and the growth of their online community as are face-to-face based communities. I am always impressed with the consciousness online students bring to their studies.

Please know you do not have to take my word for it. I Invite you to experience the powerful community that is coming together at AHA!Education.org   As a Special Focus ministry of the Centers for Spiritual Living we have a rich history and a depth of knowledge that truly supports the students and everyone involved in this ministry. You can drop into our Sunday evening Prayer Sangha or take one of our classes. You will find a complete schedule of classes HERE. You are also welcome to check out our “Science of Mind Sundays” each week in the evening hours to learn more about this philosophy and community. However, you choose to engage we encourage you to explore how online learning and community can serve you in creating the life you truly desire.

Until next time,

Peace and Blessings ((((PB&J))))

Rev. Robert Brzezinski






Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lumaxart/2136951861/in/faves-53047939@N06/



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